Qatar is a paradise for adventurous and active vacationers, while also providing the opportunity for relaxation at the beaches of the Arabian Gulf.

Natural Paradise Between Desert and Sea

Those who like to experience adventure on their vacation have a wide array of choices in Qatar. The country is characterized by wild, untouched nature: the coasts of the Arabian Gulf with their natural, sandy beaches on the one hand, and impressive desert landscapes with their timeless beauty on the other. There is plenty of room here for sporting activities and unforgettable experiences.

Action or Relaxation: What Would you Like to do Today?

How about skydiving over the Arabian Gulf and landing on a temptingly beautiful dune beach? You will find great spots for wind and kite surfers as well as for divers and deep-sea fishermen along the vast coasts. And the endless expanse of the desert is the perfect location for fast-paced quad tours that will get your heart racing. Or would you rather clear your head while on the back of a noble Arabian thoroughbred horse or at a camel race? Of course, Qatar also offers experiences of a calmer pace, while no less exciting.

Experience the Diversity of the Desert

In the very southern part of Doha lies the inland sea of Chaur al-Udaid, which flows deep into the heart of the desert and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you can’t tear yourself away from the deep blue waters surrounded by majestic, towering sand dunes in all shades of brown, then why not spend the night right there under the stars – in a traditional Bedouin camp or luxury glamping. You can also experience the ancient, traditional Bedouin way of life first-hand in other locations of Qatar’s desert. On the northern side of the country, a completely different landscape awaits nature lovers: there, mangrove forests line the coast. The unique ecosystem is home to countless bird species and can be explored by kayak.

The Qatar Peninsula has about 560 kilometers of coastline with pristine sandy beaches for all preferences. The desert state is also one of the sunniest countries on earth with high temperatures all year round – the best conditions for relaxed beach days. And even in the modern capital you can experience nature, by, for example, ending your day on a traditional wooden dhow, sailing off into the sunset.

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