Qatar’s multicultural atmosphere is also reflected in its cuisine: you can look forward to culinary discoveries and a diverse gastronomic scene, from street snack bars to gourmet restaurants.

Street Food and Star Cuisine

The way to a country’s heart is not only through its stomach. You can also get to know the country and its people in a wonderful way at the table. This is especially true in Qatar, where food culture is highly valued and cultivated. Qatari cuisine is a colorful mixture with influences from India, Persia, Lebanon and North Africa and, like the country as a whole, is constantly evolving. You can discover it in simple street kitchens as well as in Michelin-starred restaurants. Gourmets should mark their calendars for the Qatar International Food Festival, which always takes place in March.

3 Dishes to Try in Qatar

Restaurants and
Cafes in Qatar

Qatar's diverse cuisine spans the gamut from traditional dishes to upscale and gourmet cuisine to modern and experimental creations. Let us whet your appetite for Qatar's diverse, multicultural restaurant scene right now.

Street Food
Festival in Katar

Street food has long been more than a simple snack. It often consists of refined dishes, especially by young chefs who creatively further develop traditional recipes, authentic food, revealing the culinary soul of a country.

Chefs of Qatar

The Chefs of Qatar initiative brings together Qatar's most renowned chefs. At their virtual food festival, they showcase their skills and masterfully demonstrate how Arabic and international cuisine can be combined. A treat to enjoy at home.

Live Cooking Competition

If you love entertainment, you can't miss Hospitality Qatar's live cooking competitions and culinary salons. Watch Qatar's best chefs at their craft and get inspired by their creativity.

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