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Qatar: A Strong and Stable Economy

Qatar stands out both in the region and globally for its consistent focus on sustainable progress and continued economic growth. In this context, the success of investments is a long-term evaluation and not measured by quarterly figures. This leads to well-considered investment decisions that have a positive impact on the future of the peninsula as well as on investors’ balance sheets.

Forward-looking policies and continuous communication also ensure that investors and private companies can closely align their activities with Qatar’s national development strategy and its economic vision for 2030 and beyond. An important contribution is made by the Qatar Development Bank, which supports Qatari entrepreneurs and innovators, driving global competitiveness and diversification of the economy.

Attractive Opportunities for International Investors

Qatar is not only the fourth richest country in the world and ranks 9th in government efficiency, but also one of the countries most committed to economic freedom. In this regard, it ranks 3rd in the Middle East and 31st in the world. Qatar even ranks #1 in investment security, with international confidence in the country’s growing economy bolstered by the country’s strong financial position, the stability of its currency pegged to the dollar, and its long-term investment prospects. What makes Qatar particularly attractive to international investors is that they can establish or expand their presence in the region in a competitive, resilient and fast-growing economy. Qatar consistently and sustainably supports international companies looking to establish operations in the country with an ever-growing synergistic offering. Already expecting you is the most conducive and business-friendly climate in the entire region that is Qatar.

Qatar Financial Center

Companies conducting business at the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) in Doha benefit from an attractive location to present themselves to international partners, as well as a transparent and flexible business environment.

Qatar Development Bank

Qatar Development Bank supports organizations in developing innovations, it strengthens the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises in global markets and contributes to the diversification of Qatar's economy.

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